In the beginning there was Eden

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In the beginning there was Eden

A small part of the Garden lingers on Route 6A in Dennis. As in any garden you will find flowers, fruit, and insects.

Also at Eden, the well-known Eden® Cape Cod Screwball® bracelet, distinguished by its fit and simple elegant style. Designed by John Carey, it is still made on the premises by John's son-in-law.

Of course, since this is Eden, Eve's spirit is also found here. Noted for her unique Majolica, she fashioned pottery painted with motifs of friendly beasts and birds. Eve and J. C.'s daughter, Rachel Carey-Harper, is also a potter and current owner of the family business.

Come back to Eden,, where the serpent over the door is only a painted image, and admiration for our imagination is never forbidden.


No other jewelry maker is authorized to manufacture or sell the Cape Cod Screwball® bracelet! Please don't be fooled by imitations. Beyond the ethical considerations they are often of questionable quality, fit and over-priced.

To prove authenticity we now have an Eden® tag on all our Cape Cod Screwball® bracelets.(Previous customers can purchase one for a nominal fee providing they have with them one of our originals.)

Eden Tag


Eden is now closed.

We will re-open May 7, 2015. Hours will be Thursday through Saturday 10-5 until June 20. Tickets are not required during this period. Starting June 24 Eden will be open Wednesday through Saturday, 10-5 and tickets will be required.

Eden is located at the corner of Doctor Lords Rd. (number 2), 6A and Sesuit neck road which is approximately 1 mile west of Route 134 and 1 mile east of the Dennis Playhouse. Please note: we accept cash or checks only, no credit or debit cards. We look forward to your visit. Please arrive by 4:30 to be sure that your finished shopping by 5:00.

Please note, we do no business of any kind, no repairs, NO TAGS, no nothing, through the mail, including email, the web or over the phone. No exceptions. We do stand behind what we sell 100% but the item or return must be brought to us when we are open.

The reason for tickets during our busiest times is that Eden is a tiny business made up of a family of artists who work in both jewelry and pottery. Since each piece is made by hand there is a limit to what we can produce. Also there is a limit to the ability of the property and neighborhood to handle crowds. Particularly in the summer, parking is a major problem and people had to wait many hours in line to get into the shop. Tickets allow us to preserve Eden as a small handmade traditionally Cape Cod endeavor.

Our hope is that this process will enhance a sense of peace and tranquility (less wait and easier parking) so appreciated by all who connect with this little tiny corner of our beautiful world.

Eden Tickets

Information Sheet

Why: since each piece of our jewelry and pottery is made by hand there is a limit to how much we physically can produce as well as a limit to the ability of the property and neighborhood to handle crowds.  Particularly in the summer, parking was a major problem and people had to wait many hours in line to get into the shop. Tickets allow us to preserve Eden as a small handmade traditionally Cape Cod endeavor.

What/Who: Eden tickets are handed out free of charge for a particular day, either morning (10-1) or afternoon (1-4:30) .  These tickets are good for up to three (3) people and ensure that customers who are planning to come to the shop are able to get in with a modest amount of wait time and places to park. However, simple exchanges, repairs or if you want just one thing, you know what you want,  can be done at the side door without a ticket.

When: Eden tickets are required for the end of June, all of July and August.  The rest of the year we are open (Mid-November through December and Mid May- June they will probably not be necessary. The answering machine (508) 385-9708 will give information if they are recommended for other times.

How: Tickets should be requested at least 2 weeks prior to your visit.  They are now being sent through email!  Send a request specifying day, (Wed.-Sat)., month, (June, July or August) and morning or afternoon to  A ticket will be emailed to you that you can print and bring or simply carry on an electronic device.   Also, when Eden is open, staff can provide them. Be prepared with an alternate date and time as they are given out on a first come first serve basis.  We will try to accommodate your first request if at all possible.  DO NOT SEND ANYTHING THROUGH THE MAIL. If you do not hear back within 10 days please send your request through a different email address.

Our intention is for Eden to live up to its name. Our hope is that this ticket process will provide a sense of peace and tranquility so appreciated by all who connect with this little tiny corner of our beautiful world.


There is a small parking area in front, another behind our sign and a third off Dr. Lords Road. Please park in designated spaces. Do not park on any streets as you will get fined. Please respect our neighbors and do not turn around in their driveways.

How to Find Us

We are located at the intersection of Route 6A, Dr. Lord's Road, and Sesuit Neck Rd.,* approximately 1 mile west of the intersection of Rtes. 134 and 6A or approximately 1 mile east of the Dennis Post Office, Public Market, etc.

Contacting Us

Our mailing address is P.O. Box 784, E. Dennis, MA 02641. Our phone number is 508-385-9708. We do not do business over the Internet.

Measuring for a Proper Fit

Our Eden® Cape Cod Screwball® bracelet is designed to fit each individual wrist. The bracelet should be free to move over the wrist bone without catching on the bone. The bracelet definitely should not be able to turn around the wrist. To meet these specifications, the bracelets are manufactured in 1/8-inch increments, which means we have over 50 sizes. If you would like to purchase a bracelet as a gift, you may measure the lucky person's wrist yourself. To ensure a proper fit, measure the wrist over the wrist bone using a plastic tape (do not use rubber bands, yarn, or any other stretchable material ). Pull the tape tight. We will then adjust the measurement to ensure comfort and maintain the style.

Neckwires cannot be measured off the premises. Each of our neckwires is bent to fit the individual neck. Because necks have either a horizontal or vertical oval shape, and because some necks are rounder than others, a simple tape measurement will not provide the accuracy we require. We need the neck. Gift certificates are available.

Other Information

We accept checks or cash. We do not accept credit or debit cards. We do not ship, nor do we accept mail orders.

To Care for your Hand-Wrought Jewelry


1. Frequent removal of fitted sterling silver bracelets can deform the shape and cause the bracelet to crack and, eventually, to break.. Most bracelets cannot be repaired. (Repeated opening and closing causes the metal to become brittle.)

2. Pools with chlorine will darken silver. This tarnish can be removed with silver polish and elbow grease.

3. Occasionally, a person's skin becomes more acid than usual. The acid causes silver to tarnish. Clean the jewelry with silver polish.


1. Chlorine in pools (or for household use) reacts with the gold and will cause breakage, especially when the jewelry comes in contact with chlorine daily. The same is true of bromine used in hot tubs.

2. Repeated removal of fitted bracelets may cause breakage. Most bracelets cannot be repaired.

Eden Return Policy

All of our work is unconditionally guaranteed to be free of defects in materials or workmanship. (This does not include the above mentioned issues.)

During regular shop hours, unworn jewelry may be exchanged for a different size or may be returned with a dated sales slip. Do not return bracelets through the mail. Pierced earrings are not returnable by law.

We fashion our jewelry with care and with love. Please treat it well and it should provide you with years of enjoyment.

EDEN, CAPE COD SCREWBALL and the Cape Cod Screwball Bracelet configuration are registered trademarks.



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